Langtang Region Trek - Nepal Short Trek Langtang

Langtang Region Trek

The nearest and shortest trekking region of Himalayan from Kathmandu is Langtang Region and with no trouble accessible without flight. The region is mixed with spectacular panorama, lofty mountains grandeur and great hospitality.
Visit the Langtang National Park, located at Hight Mountians Lakes Gosainkund  and beautiful Helambu  are the major trekking attractions of Langtang Region Trekking.

Helambu the Sherpa Land Read More

 Helambu the Sherpa Land is one of the popular treks offered by Langtang Region.  Helambu, the Sherpa Land is positioned at northeast of Kathmandu Valley which takes only 72 kilometers. Helambu, the Sherpa Land is also known as Helambu Treks which is celebrated for its picturesque sumptuousness and amusing type of weather. Helambu, the Sherpa Land is counted as an easy trek as it does not entice elevated altitude. It lies amid 800 meter to 3,600 meter which is the sigh of fewer ascending and warm temperature. Helambu, the Sherpa Land is admired most of the trekkers as it is less crowed destination in comparison to Everest and Annapurna Region.

Duration: 9 Days

Altitude Height: 3,600m.

Grading : Moderate

Langtang Circuit Read More

Langtang Circuit is a paranormal mixture sort of escapade with rich biodiversity, extravagant Himalayas which are mostly enclosed with white snow along with Tibetan inclined cultural come across. Langtang Region through Langtang Circuit provides quite a lot of basis to start the trek into the forest of Rhododendron, arrangement of cliffs, Himalayan peaks, splendid waterfalls, amazing lakes, scarce wild animals with hot springs and so on. Thus, Langtang Circuit is listed as the breathtaking trekking trails which encircle awe-inspiring and remarkable observations of grand Himalayas through different sort of ethnic group. The maximum elevation covered by Langtang Circuit is 4,390 meter. 

Duration: 16 Days

Altitude Height: 3,455m.

Grading : Moderate

Langtang Valley Trek Read More

Langtang Valley is an admirable trek available in Langtang Region. Langtang Valley is well known as “the valley of Glaciers trek” as well. Langtang as a destination is considered as the secretive spot where trekkers can have an enormous snow covered mountains with striking glaciers. Langtang Valley is positioned in the northern part of Kathmandu valley which takes merely 19 miles. The entire Langtang Valley is conquered by pine forest, Mount Langtang Lirung, speedy mountain watercourse, craggy rock and paddock. Langtang Valley Trek is listed as the most willing trek available in Langtang Region.

Duration: 11 Days

Altitude Height: 4,983m.

Grading : Moderate

Pilgrimage Lake-Gosaikunda Read More

Pilgrimage Lake – Gosaikunda is an admired trek situated in the Langtang Region. Gosaikunda is the celebrated pilgrimage for Hindi and Buddhist people so every year countless devotees show their presence in Gosaikunda Lake. Behind the Gosaikunda there is the Hindu myth. So, according to that myth Lord Shiva had drank the poison and to cool down the blazing throat he had created sacred Gosaikunda Lake. Thus, Gosaikunda Lake is the symbol with religious faith and way to reduce the pain. At the center of lake there is a huge rock which is believed to be the leftovers of Shiva shrine.

Duration: 10 Days

Altitude Height: 4,100m.

Grading : Moderate