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Dolpo Region Trekking

Dolpo Trekking is opened for trekking in 1989. The trek is one of the most renowned trekking in Nepal. Dolpo Region offers Upper Dolpo Trek, Lower Dolpo Trek. The region is considered as prominent place for natural world.
The long trek and of the most remote areas of country highlights snow leopard, mysterious monasteries, wonderful natural beauty, cultural heritage, amazing landscape, blue sheep greenery forest of pines, Rhododendrons and Oaks trees. 

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Let’s make out together for the far off distance of Himalayas of Dolpo. Lower Dolpo is the same destination of Dolpo Region which is chosen for the movie Caravan. If trekkers take a reference of that movie they will get an idea about Dolpo Region as its truthfulness and entire mystic experiences are portrayed via Caravan. All along with attractive blue water of Phokhsundo, sober Himalayan Lakes, yak group which are still preserving the conventional salt trade with Tibet pulls trekkers to Lower Dolpo Trek. Dolpo Region is to be found in the north face as of Dhaulagiri Range with an outline of the Himalayas replicating the multi- colored slopes of high mountains. Those mountains can be seen just like taking part in of light and silhouette with an uninterrupted mesmerizing scene. 

Duration: 16 Days

Altitude Height: 4,440m.

Grading : Moderate

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Upper Dolpo Trek passes comparatively three high passes, superior trails which make its way all through the glaciers where there is no possibility for trekking. In the rim of the Tibetan flat terrain of the Himalayan rainwater shade, Dolpo is to be found. Dolpo is celebrated land enclosed for several trekkers. The lack of additional trekkers in the tepid greeting agreed through the enduring Dolpo and mesmerizing approach keen on the Tibetan trail. Upper Dolpo Trek is all about stepping into rough yet prettiness and getting experience in an isolated place being aware with its features. The lofty and far off valley of Dolpo, situated in the northern face is conserving some of the leftovers of time- honored Tibetan culture. According to the history, Dolpo was formed by the Guru Rinpoche aiming as a safe heaven for dedicated Buddhists.

Duration: 24 Days

Altitude Height: 5,460m.

Grading : Moderate